Friday, January 14, 2011

Yinz Yang (dare I say Holy?) Trinity of You Tube

As many of you may or may not know, when it comes to viral video trends my style is super behind-the-times.  I miss all the peaks of popularity and find things in the valleys of their popular disfavor.  For example, I discovered SNL's digital short, Dick in a Box, which as you'll recall enjoyed epidemic-like internet popularity, more than a year after it first aired on 12/16/2006.

Exhibit A (which contains a reference to Yinz Yang, then in its infancy!):

Upon discovering this comedic gem (and finding it difficult to contain my excitement), I asked all of my friends in turn, "Have you ever seen 'D in a B'???", to which the reply was something like, "Uh, yeah, like 10 years ago?!"  People were actively annoyed and frustrated that I was so excited about something that was so over.  I was made to feel like a silly immature teen who shows up after the party is over, barges into the house, raids the fridge, turns the music way up, and dances like a spazz.  Pssssh, whatever!  I've never been one to find value in novelty in and of itsself, in fact I might go so far as to say that I'm suspicious of the new so this really should come as no surprise.  What's interesting is how my time capsule 'tude creates or reflects (or both, who knows? its the chicken and the egg thing) my values.

I found 'D in a B' as I do all my internet discoveries: in the midst of some rogue, misguided, wayward-style internet wanderings.  Sitting down at the internet, not knowing which way to 'surf' feels to me like plugging my nervous system into a parallel and more anxious wavelength, or like the feeling of confronting an empty canvas (which ironically I am much more comfortable with!).   If I have time to waste, I never know how or where on the internet to do it, like how when you're at a bar with a million of the world's greatest and rarest beers and can't choose a drink; or when flipping through the milleu of pop music in a karaoke song book fails to yield an appropriate performance for the occasion.  I think the problem is that I don't get any feeling from the internet and thus can not be guided by intuition, just like a list of songs or beers does not reflect the respective sounds or tastes that said book(s) offer(s).

In attempts at time wasting I traipse the internet with the uncertain footing that might carry one through an abandoned steel town, down empty and deserted streets only to discover that there's an authentic Hungarian Restaurant complete with Grandpa who cooks up servings of delicious old world cuisine on styrofoam plates.  I seem to find things as archaeological discoveries long after the vitality of whatever might have originally drawn you there is dead and forgotten to the rest of the world.  This being the case, I'd argue that if something is good enough to withstand the test of my delayed timing, it's gotta be real good.  I've always championed survivors.  I'd definitely eat at that Hungarian restaurant, I definitely LOVE our Steelers D, and I definitely watch certain you tube videos hundreds of times at the cost of missing all the new and untested stuff.

(As a related aside: I acknowledge publicly that I have as of summer 2009 seen the Star Wars Trilogy in its entirety.  So for all of you who have ridiculed me for extolling the comedic virtues of Spaceballs my entire life whilst never having seen Star Wars, your trip is over.  I get the Star Wars references now, so we can all move on with our friendship in peace and mutual respect....of Spaceballs! EH OH ) 

Which leads me to my original reason for this post.  When I sit down at a computer to waste time, I want an iron-clad guaranteed good time!  After all, it isn't a waste if I enjoyed it!  I want to watch something that in and of itsself totally affirms, no, mirrors my values.  I want Heaven and Earth co-conspiring to produce the greatest cinema that could never be made because it is a documented, real-world event.   I want Truth in 8 minutes or less.  I want raw and absolute creativity, artistry, against-the-odds survival.  I want art, nature, and sports as raw metaphors for life in this chaotic, civilized world.  I want banal events and performances in which the underlying, invisible, and latent forces of our world rise up against the dominant powers to create absolute contradiction, blowing all expectations out of the water, leaving the opposite of what you expected to do what you expected or hoped for to begin with.  I want the Yinz Yang You Tube Trinity.  I give it to you here.  In ascending order.  May peace be with you and also with you, internet.




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