Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Catch All Post

Hello readers!

I'm sorry that my posts have been few lately. I've been focused on graduate school applications since September!

Did you see the Patriots game? How awesome and vindicating was that?


(get ready for the dark side of this question...)

Did you see the Ravens game? How wretched and intolerable was that?

I woke up to the New York City Marathon the morning of the Ravens game. The Marathon never ceases to amaze and create an acutely emotional state. For one morning only, the streets of the metropolis become a place of shared effort toward a common goal, and non-participants stand and cheer in support, offering positive vibes to total strangers as they stream past. Total opposite of the usual experience! I find it very, very touching and always seem to have a few tears on hand, welled up and ready to roll on Marathon day.

I received an image from my friend Shahin, who took an arbitrary shot out his front door to commemorate the race and upon close inspection noticed... THAT guy. You have to look real close...

Do you see him?  Running a marathon wearing a wig and twirling a T.T. no less!

What are the chances??? TO THE POLAMALU MARATHON RUNNER: If you are reading this, please contact me @!

Thank you, Shahin, for your impeccable timing and for bringing this bit of magic into the light!

Next to the Steelers v Ravens game at my aunt and uncle's house. The only shot I have from the whole game is this:

SAD LOST PUPS, UNABLE TO PLAY. Heartbreaking. Like the game.
Actually the game hurt my entire network of nerves and my stomach more than it did my heart. The Ravens are so evil and vile that I have a hard time exposing my heart to the likes of Sugg's crazy double row of grinded-down hyena teeth and bloody lips, Ray Lewis' evil hero face paint, or the head coach who I think of as "the Fonz"-- looking much more like he should be running a pizza shop than an NFL team.  I always want him to be hit in the head on the sideline by a "foul ball".
Ugh, I find it all so hard to bear. To their credit.