Sunday, January 16, 2011

That's a wrap!!!

Now that football is over for the weekend, what are we supposed to do?  Watch the stupid show about a CEO going undercover to see how badly/well their business is run, and how their pimped out, bloated lifestyle has made them out of shape and incapable of menial tasks?  NO.  I'm taking mild pleasure in knitting and watching the Golden Globe awards PLUS the Patriots' post-game press conference, revealing reciprocal opposites.  Overly planned-for acceptance speeches (on part of Hollywood), and overly unplanned-for defeat speeches (on part of the Pats). 

The funniest ones were from Robert DeNiro, who accepted some sort of lifetime achievement award and was seriously uncouth and probably drunk; and from coach Belichick, whose vocabulary and diction, in his absolute shock at losing to the Jets, was reduced to about 3 permutations of about 5 words.  Dude couldn't even congratulate the Jets or concede that the Jets may have had something to do with the outcome of the game.  Come on guy, show some maturity!

See ya next year Pats!  You played a good season.

On the topic of press conferences:

1) The gradation created by these three wardrobe choices is hilarious. 
2) Can we get a little Stillers-D represented at the press conference?

To the New Jersey Jets: see you at Heinz Field! 

 Get PSYCHED, Pittsburgh, it's rematch time!

"I'd rather have the game here, TRUE STATEMENT" --Sir James Harrison, locker room interview

I'm whole-heartily looking forward to your  TRUE STATEMENTS on the field next Sunday, #92.

-Ms. Pittsburgh

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