Sunday, February 6, 2011

Longstanding public Steelers / Green Bay matchup prediction

I first saw these flags posted to a deck in Regent Square in 2004, and thought, "that's respectable".  I'd often wonder, as I passed the flags on my way to work, if there were multiple residents of this apartment who hailed from both cities, or if it was a couple with split allegiances; or if it was a Pittsburgher just putting it out there that these are the two respectable teams in the league.  Whatever the reason and whoever they are, these people have been predicting today's Super Bowl matchup for at least 7 years.

Respect to Green Bay

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ms. Pittsburgh turned 30 this week!

You can find me somewhere in this video of "Steeler Shout-outs" produced by wpxi, filmed live in the Strip on Groundhog's Day!   
CHECK THIS OUT.  I guarantee you will laugh!

That night, I attended the Pens-Islanders game.  Final score 3-0 with an amazing goalie fight in the final 30 seconds!  A rare, old-tyme hockey experience that this old-timer will never forget!

Special thanks to Brent Johnson, who's excellent goaltending made this game numerically congruous with my landmark age...and who's badass style flattened DiPietro with one left jab!!!!  AMAZING!