Thursday, September 23, 2010


....and its gonna be "all-access, uncensored, (and) behind-the-scenes" so ladies, it's time to break down and subscribe to HBO or find a friend who already does and invite yourself over.  

Check out details here:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


All pictures and videos taken en route to or at the 2010 Steelers home opener on September 12, 2010

#5: Via your red jeep with incredibly self-declarative vanity plate

#4: March there with your band of colonial era red-coats and be sure to take a picture so everyone will believe you actually did this

#3: On foot wearing your Steelers Hawaiian shirt


#2: Via rickshaw loaded with pals

#1:  THE BEST/WORST WAY OF GETTING TO A STEELERS GAME, EVER:  Via your customized Steelers Segway with side cars for your twin Shih Tzus.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloggin about bein' Blogged about

Great news! Yinz Yang got a shout out in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's "Blog n' Gold" Steelers blog, which I have to say is not only a great name for a blog, but a great blog in general.

Check it out here: Blog n' Gold

I'm not sure what to say about the game yet, but when I collect my thoughts I will write something.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DVE comedy archives meets Shellac

During a typical Q & A style audience/band interlude at the Shellac show last night in Pittsburgh, an audience member asked the band "Where can I get cool pants?" There was a bit of a pause before another audience member chimed in: "PANTS ENAT". Everyone in attendance laughed except the band. Then someone started a "LETS GO PENS" chant which was cut short when Shellac SHREDDED into their next song. Totally classic Pittsburgh moment. Long live DVE and it's ridiculous 90's comedy sketches.

Sid hits a sweet homer at PNC park: is there anything this guy can't do?

If Lemieux can assemble a hockey team with guys like this, imagine what he could do if he owned the Pirates?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BOGO at PNC Park 2010

Some BOGO coupons valid for admission to (almost) any 2010 Pirates game came across my desk, so on Friday September 3 some pals and I headed 'daun the North Side for my first game at PNC Park since its inaugural season in 2001.  I was eager to experience the ballpark anew having heard frequently that PNC Park is the most beautiful ballpark in the country.  The fact that the Pirate's losing streak is "now old enough to legally buy cigarettes" has kept me and I suppose many would-be fans away, but on Friday night I put sports aside for the most part and was pleased by the pastoral-meets urban feel of the place.  Each seat offers immaculate views of Pittsburgh's skyline and several yellow-painted and black steel bridges, as well as tree covered hills and an open, glorious, sun-setting sky that made me think Tiepolo should have been sitting in the empty seats behind us. 

The park boasts a fine beer selection, and some hilariously generic and 'punny' signage

As an added bonus it was "snuggie" night so everyone in attendance received a complimentary Pirates / snuggie made of a super low-grade synthetic fabric that I presume to be high in petroleum content and thus to be extremely flammable so I'll be sure to use it ONLY at indoor hockey games (where there's always lots of frozen water and absurdly low air temperatures).  And maybe occasionally as a wizard costume...