Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sent to the corner for bein good

I caught up on all the Steelers 2011 draft action in earnest this morning.  My greatest football wish through my adult life has been for the Steelers to draft a good cornerback.  Is this crazy to suggest?  This position, no offense--and anyone who has watched football with me in the last 8 years or so will attest to the intensity of my feelings about this--has been held by some of the biggest clowns the Steelers have ever seen.  I won't name names but I will say they're all graduates with highest honors from the Nate Washington School of Drama.  I understand that cornerback is the least important position in Dick's defensive scheme, which hinges on the blitz shutting down the passing game.  Linebackers and safetys are the most important, as is having 3 solid dudes up front (as evidenced by the Steelers' first round choice of Cameron Hayward at defensive end).  Only problem is we play against teams that are very successful in anticipating our blitzes, which puts all the pressure on the corner.  Then you end up with William Gay covering Randy Moss and it's a complete shit show.  Also, and perhaps of equal importance: in games where we really, desperately need a turnover, who's most often caught with an embarrassing case of butterfingers with an easily catchable ball?

I will disclaim at this point that this is my understanding of Steelers football as I see it.  I've never played football except in gym class, so feel free to comment and share your insights.

This year's selection of cornerback Curtis Brown in the 3rd round is the highest draft position that cornerback has received in recent memory so at least we've got that going for us.  Google image results for this guy are encouraging as he can actually be seen catching a ball.

Looking forward to seeing you do this in a Steelers uniform, Curtis!  Word on the 'net is that you are also a special star on special teams and lord knows the Steelers can use you there.

Just for kicks I decided to put the Steelers' cornerback choices out in plain sight, all lined up in decending chronological order.  Are there any unmemorables that I am missing?

Curtis Brown, 3rd round, 2011
William Gay, 5th round, 2007
Ike Taylor, 5th round, 2003
Deshea Townsend, 4th round, 1998
Chad Scott, 24th overall (???!!!), 1997

As super encouraging as this choice of Curtis Brown is, it is disheartening that Ike's future has not been secured.  Curtis will likely not be our top performer at corner for a couple of years.  So in the meantime, who will be?  Gay?  Maybe they should call me for a tryout.

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