Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Onion: To Die For

Ms. Pittsburgh here.  How's fall treating everyone???

I can go no further without addressing the single most important short coming Pittsburgh presents as I transition to living here again...The problem is one of supply.  I wonder if it is also one of demand.

Specifically the problem is one of chip supply.  Potato chips.  Kettle chips.  My favorite chips.

While living with my cousin Evan in NYC, our evening diets became gradually rooted in the delicious, mildly onion-riffic taste of the 'Sweet Onion' variety of Kettle Chips made by the company with the solid color bags.  The more hockey we watched the more serious the addiction became because there wasn't enough time to prepare dinner before a 7:07 faceoff; I'd get off the train directly from work at 6:45, turn the corner to the store and grab a bag (or two) of chips, and head home for the game.  We'd go through bags of these things like they were going out of style, and the problem is: maybe they are?!

Other popular Kettle Chip varieties include 'Spicy Thai', 'Yogurt and Green Onion', 'Sea Salt and Vinegar'.  I can't find a consistent source of Sweet Onion Kettle Chips anywhere in the burgh.  The Co-op and Giant Eagle NEVER carry them.  The Food Whole carries them ON OCCASION (notably when there's a promotion).

A recent trip to NYC presented troubling findings: All of Evan's sources are now dry!  He can no longer get them at our corner store,  C-Town (the equivalent of a shrunken Kuhn's or Shur-Save).  Looks like our original plan to order Sweet Onion by the case may be in order.

Check your local purveyor for Sweet Onion Kettle Chips.  You'll know them first by their deep burgundy colored bag, second by their amazing flavor and crunchy texture, third by the surprising bevy of intense seasoning found on the chip shrapnel that inevitably gathers at the at the bottom of each bag.

If you find Sweet Onion please try them and spread the good word so we'll amp up demand, and hopefully amp up supply.  WOW!  I never imagined I'd make an internet appeal to grassroots support of a commercial food product, let alone a potato chip, but here we are.  This is 2010--wierder things have happened this year alone.

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  1. Looks like you can get them direct from the source. (3 pack also available)

    I had to do this with my beloved Utz Carolina BBQ which are also never carried in Western PA.