Monday, October 25, 2010

Sound of crash = sound of ca$h


The moment I heard the dull crashing sound of James Harrison's now infamous tackle of Mohammed Massaquoi, I thought/said "He's gonna get fined for that".   Not because I think it's right, just cause I know that's how the NFL rolls.  I know of no other institution that fines its members for doing things that are legal and just thinking about a contradiction like that makes my head spin.  How's this guy supposed to play football?  How's anyone supposed to play defense anymore?  How can James Harrison simultaneously be paid and fined for doing the same thing?

Props to Hines Ward, the blocking-est receiver in the league, for coming out and acknowledging that some of the burden in this lies on the offensive players and that there's good and bad ways of taking tackles.  I don't know how any offensive player coming into the NHL from college is in anyway prepared for players like Harrison as there doesn't seem to be any defense in college football.  I genuinely hope that players will be coached to play in ways that protect themselves from major injury and the game from being watered down into a useless, boring puddle of fines and contradictions.

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