Sunday, December 25, 2011

A quick few photo-presents to add to your Christmas tidings...

These two photos were sent to me by two of my friends, who are themselves very close friends going way back to college study abroad days.

The photos are very similar in concept and amazing-ness.  Without further ado I present the images with special thanks and holiday regards to Christian and Matt.

This is a REAL screen-shot of a 'Words with Friends' game and these are the REAL letters that he got!!!!  Unfortunately 'Yinzers' is not a permissible word.  Phooey, you app makers!

Photo taken at the Pittsburgh International Airport last Thursday night!  What does the plane say?  I always knew I was good with kids but come on, I didn't know they were tagging my nickname on airport furniture!  (BTW, kids, not to be persnickety but it's MS. not MISS)

Congrats to Homestead Charlie on the win yesterday!  

Happy Holidays to all!  xoxo Ms.  Pittsburgh

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