Monday, November 29, 2010

Sonoran Hot Dog! The Primanti's of south east Arizona

While visiting my friend Marissa in Tucson, AZ, I had the pleasure of visiting El Guero Canelo, the home of the now-famous-via-the-food-network Sonoran Hot Dog.  The in-house promotional materials, and abundant pride and friendliness of this place reminded me of Pittsburgh eateries in many ways, not the least of which was their over-stuffed, overflowing hot dog which is akin to Primanti's sandwiches.

Below you will find nice homemade T-shirts and printed/laminated additional menu items behind the registers.  Not to mention 6 varieties of Agua Fresca, a delicious, natural juice-infused water beverage from Mexico.

I love these Mexican flag picnic benches.  

Here's the meal...

...and here's the Sonoran Hot Dog in all it's glory

Gotta love a place that offers sliced radishes in their condiment bar, and a hot dog that's named after the desert in which it is made.

xoxo, Tucson!

-Ms Pittsburgh


  1. Have you been to Dormont Dogs? I think a field trip is in order...

  2. I've never heard of Dormont Dogs. I've never had to travel too far with D's around. Let's hit it up in 2011!